Top 10 Energy Saving Gadgets

Become a best practice landlord, home builder or social housing provider by providing your tenants with some simple ideas for energy saving gadgets that could assist them in saving hundreds of pounds a year.

1. Home Energy Monitor

Providing a statistical heaven, an energy monitor can tell you where and when you use energy, highlighting expensive times and appliances. However, the piece de-résistance is the ability to set yourself a daily target of energy usage that should you exceed the limit an alarm will sound helping you to cut your electricity bill!

2. LED Shower Timer

Fixed onto the faucet of the shower; the Shower Timer monitors how long you are in the shower. As the water passes through it generates power for an internal timer and some LED lights. The lights glow different colours as time progresses reminding you how much time, and water, you have used. If it is flashing red it’s time to get out!

3. Water Siphon Pump

Once you’re finally out the shower the saving is not over! Put the plug in during your shower and then use a water recycling kit to siphon the water out and use it to water plants. This water is called greywater and it is perfectly fine to use on plants. You can use old washing up water too – even with the soap suds!

4. Energy Saving Lightbulbs

An old favourite. Energy saving light bulbs are still a worthwhile investment. There are a range of choices but a good light bulb can save up to 80% and last up to 15 times longer than a normal household bulb. These bulbs come in all different forms and have different benefits. Yet they will all save money and energy.

5. Radiator Reflectors

Claiming to reduce heat waster by 40% radiator reflectors are simple devices. A reflective sheet is hung down the back of a radiator and it will reflect the heat back into the room. With the reflectors in place you can turn your radiators down and actually feel warmer.

6. Flushed Water Saver

It is estimated that 70% of water waste in the home is from the bathroom and 30% of that is from flushing the toilet. Bringing a whole new meaning to money down the drain! There are a few products you can fit into a toilet cistern that displace some water while still allowing it to flush.

7. Mobile Phone Enviroplug

In this day and age we can’t live without our mobile phone, meaning we often leave it on charge for longer than we need to, to ensure it always has battery. With the enviroplug, you plug your charger into it and connect it to the plug socket. When the phone battery is full, or the phone is disconnected, it shuts off power to the socket. Leaving your phone fully charged and no electricity wasted.

8. Water Powered Radio

If you’re a shower time sing star then this is the one for you. This radio connects between the tap and the hose and the radio is powered completely by water . With all the FM channels you can bop your way to cleanliness knowing it is not using any electricity at all.

9. Ecozone Dry Cubes

Reusable dry cubes claim to bounce around your tumble dryer softening fabrics, separating clothes and speeding drying times. The Ecozone Dry Cubes help to distribute heat meaning your clothes need less time in the tumble dryer. This can save a lot of electricity and money as a tumble is renowned for guzzling energy. In fact, it uses four times as much energy as a washing machine.

10. Draught Excluders

It is estimated that 15% of heat loss in the home is from draught but you can give draught the short shift by plugging all those draughty holes. With a range of draught proofing products including an ecoflap letterbox, floorboard sealer and door draught excluder you can stop all forms of draft, keeping heat in and energy bills down.