Letting Agent / Landlord

There are number of issues surrounding the Green Deal legislation that directly affect Landlords and Lettings Agents and here at Simple Energy Scotland we can help businesses and individuals with a property portfolio or an interest in the buy-to-let market address these very specific requirements.

Landlords and Letting Agents

Although it is true that Landlords and Letting Agents have experienced an increase in administration due to new tenants taking over The Green Deal repayments, there is a significant benefit when outlining the savings in household energy bills attached to the property.  The Golden Rule means that any property repaying a Green Deal grant will be running at optimum energy consumption.

Landlords looking to improve their properties with a Green Deal grant will require permission from their tenant unless it is in a void period.   For tenants, the Energy Act has ensured that from 2016 the Landlord will not have the right to refuse any reasonable requests to make improvements under The Green Deal.

By 2018 it will become unlawful to rent out a property that is not a band E or higher on the EPC. This will force Landlords into improvements – wouldn’t it be better to be a leader and offer a great service to your tenants?

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