Estate Agents / Solictors

There are number of issues surrounding the Green Deal legislation that directly affect Estate Agents and Solicitors who buy and sell property and here at Simple Energy Scotland we can help businesses in the property sector address these very specific requirements.

Estate Agents & Solicitors
Should you have a client who is buying a property that has benefited from a Green Deal grant, it is your responsibility as the agent to let the them know about the Green Deal and, because the finance associated with the upgrade stays with the property, as the new owners they would take over the payments.  It is worth reminding purchasers that due to The Golden Rule, the repayments will never be more than the energy savings enjoyed by the home.

It is also worth bearing in mind that as a property agent you are in an ideal situation to introduce buy-to-let landlords, sellers or new purchasers looking to improve properties, to the Green Deal.  By highlighting how you can help a client save money, you are adding value to your service.