Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)


An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate which, in simple terms, will tell you how energy efficient your property portfolio or housing stock is. It highlights the impact your business has on the environment and how you can improve the energy efficiency of each of your properties. In turn, this will help your tenants and potential buyers save money through the measures you have made to reduce your  carbon footprint.

You can have an EPC survey carried out at any time, and the vast majority of our customers will go on to make sizable differences when they act upon the advice given.  Crucially, an EPC survey is now a legal requirement when selling or renting a home and all new-build properties must have an EPC upon completion of the build.   The certificate is valid for ten years although some businesses will decide to have a second survey should they carry out any significant improvements.

Due to the legal nature of an EPC, only certified energy assessors can carry out surveys and produce a legally binding EPC and these assessors must be a member of a Government approved certification scheme.  Here at Simple Energy our assessors are trained and certified by the prestigious Elmhurst Energy.

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