Welcome to Simple Energy Scotland

In today’s greener, leaner society finding ways to make Scotland’s homes more energy-efficient is a top priority for home builders, social housing providers, landlords and property agents alike.

Here at Simple Energy Scotland we are committed to helping organisations, investors and businesses within the property and housing sector do just that.  By accessing the simple, easy-to-understand EPC survey system you can market your property and assist your tenants, buyers and clients by providing an Energy Performance Certificate.  An EPC  not only gives your business the information required to optimise and build a better property portfolio but will also highlight to your tenants and buyers, a best-practice approach to providing affordable to run and warmer to live in homes.

Simple Energy Scotland was established in 2012 and since then we have grown our reputation for excellence through an unrivaled ability to deliver measurable results for homeowners and landlords.   Our quick, professional and friendly service is carried out by official EPC Inspections Specialists all of whom are fully accredited by Elmhurst Energy and come with  Green Deal approval.

From the smaller property portfolios of local landlords up to large-scale, national  inspection projects, our surveyors enjoy a reputation for excellence and this is strengthened  by an experienced management and support team. This solid infrastructure has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing providers of EPC surveys in Scotland, with over 500,000 inspections carried out to date.